As a homeowner you want to keep your home in the best condition possible, which means you want to maintain the quality, function and value of your home. For some, the idea of doing a little do-it-yourself (DIY) work is a fun and inviting challenge. And while there are certainly some projects that can be successfully undertaken by a knowledgeable and experienced DIY’er, there are many other jobs that aren’t worth the risk. This article offers tips on how to determine when a plumbing project may be a reasonably DIY job, and when it may require the expertise of a Merrell Plumbing professional.

When considering whether to take on any plumbing project as a DIY’er, ask yourself the following questions:

Is this a plumbing task that you have successfully completed in the past?
Do you have the training and skills necessary to take on this plumbing task?
If not, is there someone such as a friend or coworker who can help guide you in successfully implementing the task?
Do you have access to the tools and materials necessary to complete the project?
What might be the cost of a mistake? Do you have a plan if the worst case scenario happens?

Safety First

Safety should always be the first consideration when taking on a plumbing job. Any major plumbing job requires knowledge and skill, and there are safety protocols to consider. For example, water and gas mains as well as electricity may need to be turned off. Your Merrell Plumbing professionals have a thorough knowledge of safety protocols associated with plumbing tasks.

Counting the Costs

When it comes to small plumbing projects such as leaky faucets, clogged toilets, and shower head replacement, a DIY plumber may be able to save money by doing it themselves. However, when it comes to bigger plumbing projects, a DIY project gone wrong could involve much more expense than if a plumbing professional had been hired in the first place. Also, a IDY project that seems right when it is done, but involves hidden faults such as an improper fitting or bushing, the use of tape seal, or improper use of putty, could end up leading to damage requiring extensive renovation to your home due to mold or loss of structural integrity.

Contact the Professionals at Merrell Plumbing

A smart DIY plumber recognizes his or her limitations and turns to a professional when the project requires time, tools, knowledge, and experience that may be beyond the resources of the DIY’er.

While a DIY project can reduce upfront costs, it can easily lead to increased costs in the long term. And even if you do have the time and skills necessary for a given project, it may be wise to get an estimate from a professional plumbing company such as Merrell Plumbing.

A plumbing professional can save you time, stress, and resources by making expert decisions on what to buy from which store, taking care of the installation, and cleaning up after themselves.

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