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Flooded Basement?

Most insurance companies will cover most of the cost associated with a broken water line that floods your basement. They usually pay to access the leak (removal of concrete and reinstallation of carpet) but they will not pay for repairing the plumbing.

The good news is that repairing the plumbing is a minor portion of the total cost.

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You can see signs of a clogged drain in your sink, shower, tub, or toilet

Some people ignore clogged drains in their sinks but the issue inevitably always gets worse. A sink that is draining slowly could be due to a clog, grease buildup or other issues in the pipe. It is best to clear the clogged drain as soon as you notice it because allowing the problem to get worse can result in a leak or broken pipe leaving you with water damage in your home.

Signs of a clogged sink, tub, or toilet:

  • Water drains slowly
  • Standing water
  • Water that stands and then suddenly disappears with a powerful gurgling noise.


Prevent future clogged drains

  • Don’t flush items that do not dissolve or break apart in water, such as feminine products or baby wipes.
  • Don’t pour grease or kitchen oil down your drains.
  • Be careful putting larger materials down your kitchen sink such as coffee grounds.
  • Clean drain stoppers and purchase a hair-straining drain trap for your showers and tubs.


Are your drains currently clogged? We offer emergency drain cleaning services. Give us a call at 937-435-1222 . 

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